Sunday, 29 April 2007

The Assassination of JFK Junior - Murder by Manchurian Candidate

Overwhelming, jaw-dropping evidence of foul play in the death of John F Kennedy Jr. - all based on official government documents.

This is a must see video.


PR said...

The author did a great job with the narration, in the first part in particular, describing the fallacies of all the official news and NTSB report. The animation and editing was quite amateurish, repeatitive and boring but... who cares.

Honestly I don't agree about the Manchurian Candidate hypothesis, and maybe he could have explored more possibilities. For example, the "fourth passenger" could have simply neutralized the passengers and parachuted himself away from the plane and near the crash site.

Anyway, the doc was very informative. Thanks for reporting.


Shoestring said...

Yep, that's what I liked about it. It just had loads of good information. There are no doubt other possible scenarios to the one laid out in this documentary. But certainly the "Manchurian Candidate" theory is a lot more plausible than the official theory. All the evidence does seem to point clearly towards a high-level criminal conspiracy.